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My stained glass workshop works with both lead came (windows) and copper foil technique ( small-

-piece lampshades and other home decorations), here known as Tiffany technique. I work out the designs of each commision, material and structural details. I can draw up any pattern for you or increase an existing pattern to a larger size with the same general proportions. I can also rework or produce a desing from scratch. However, my clients are most welcomed to bring their own patterns. The goal has always been to inspire, to deliver positive energy with colourful light and to enhance the place where we live, work and create…


Being a women, I also make jewellery using ornamental flat glass often combined with precious or semi-precious stones or copper. The materials are soldered together with tin solder Sn 99,75 („pure“ tin). This alloy of tin and trace elements (0,25%) is innocuos - the Notice of the Ministry of Health, Act Code no. 37/2001, that includes hygienic standards on the products that come into a direct contact with water and water modification. Act Code no. 38/2001, Notice about the hygienic standards on products defined for the contact with eatables.

Some of the pendants are hung on silk string, that I die with herb and fruit extracts, others hang on dental wire osteofix. The qualities of this medical wire include all the primary standards that are set in the Government Regulations no. 180/1998 of the Act Code.


Decorative stained glass bowls are also soldered with the tin solder Sn 99,75.


I use home and imported glass with a wide range of colours and structures. The precious and semi-precious stones come from all over the word.

Something about me

I happened to make stained glass through a journey over the half of the world. It began in 1998, I was nineteen and just passed a state examination of English. My boyfriend and I decided to go to Australia one day and after obtaining all the necessary visas, we left for the land journey at the end of July heading for Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and India with no idea, what it would be like. It took us

a month and 10 days. We hitchhiked all over the Turkey and first 300km in Iran, because hitchhiking is prohibited there. Then we traveled only by buses and trains. Unfortunately, we couldn´t effort to stay long in India due to our financial situation, since we needed to buy airtickets to Australia. Being lucky, we happened to participate in a long-desired public audience of the Dalailama in his exile seat in Dharamsala within those few days spent in India. I was very impressed by this encounter with His Holiness and all the unexperienced Indian atmosphere was completely made up with that. My first dream came true…Then we left for Sydney, where we stayed and lived in the end for two years and also traveled all over the continent for the whole three months. New Zealand happened to be our next destination in that part of the world, where also we lived for 9 months and traveled both the islands, too. My second dream came true – traveling the world.

Three long years passed and it was time to go home, however, not for long J. We left for Canada in September 2002, where we lived in Montreal and Ottawa for 9 months and also traveled in Quebec.

I fell for stained glass and its colourful light in Tadoussac, a little town situated at delta of the St. Lawrence River in the Atlantic Ocean…that´s how my second journey has begun…

We have experienced many different kinds of situations and feelings. We got to know ourselves, what all we could stand up to and that we were only strenghtened by the difficulties. I have no regrets and I would not change what I have experienced abroad. It was freedom…deep breath and horizon, also hard work…wild nature…close relationships, personal rise…Thanks.